Saturday, April 30, 2016

11 - Winston Churchill to Moshe Sharett, April 23, 1954

Replying to Sharett’s message dated April 13, Winston Churchill wrote:

... I am glad of your assurance that the Government of Israel intend to work for peace, and you know how ardently I have always sought friendship and co-operation between our two countries.
All my information shows that the Jordanian Government are in fact doing their best to curb frontier incidents. We must ourselves be the judges of our obligations to Jordan, but we shall certainly neglect no opportunity to use our influence in the direction of a peaceful settlement of the problems which afflict you and them.
Meanwhile it is obvious that a policy of retaliatory raids and the boycott of United Nations institutions can only intensify Arab Governments’ fears and postpone the day when they will be willing to come to terms with Israel. It is for this reason and in Israel’s own interest that I felt bound to appeal to Your Excellency for moderation and patience. I am reassured by your promise that you and your colleagues will strike to curb passions and to make sane counsels prevail. The fate of countless men, women and children, both Jew and Arab, may hang on the success of your endeavours. So, too, may hang the future of the great experiment in your country which as you know I have always regarded as one of the most hopeful and encouraging adventures of the 20th century.

SOURCE: TNA FO371/111070 VR1072/68.