Monday, May 30, 2016

29 - D. Ben-Gurion, Selected Remarks, Mapai Central Committee, September 16, 1954


> On "no need to exaggerate":

The general direction of the global policy of the great powers cannot determine our existence. I am confident that for the next few years - nobody knows how many - no outside force, either Arab or other, will decide our fate. There is a basis for the concern residing in the people, in the Knesset, in the press, in view of certain steps taken by the Americans and the British. But I take no part in the panic that has occurred. For the time being, and I hope forever, Our own power will determine our fate.

> On sovereignty: 

We must be staunchly and most actively on guard for our sovereignty and see to it that it is not lost, even one inch. I am aware of the global political strategy to put us under patronage. Just the other day I read that a statement by a UN representative [i.e. General Burns] about where, in our country, our army is allowed to make maneuvers. This can be the first crack. It is not the business of UN or the State Department or UNTSO. They are not observers of the State of Israel. We must educate the world that Jewish sovereignty is exactly the same as any other sovereignty, and that they shall not dare - and they shall not dare - to touch or harm it. It is better to quarrel about this now than later when it would be impossible to repair the situation.

> On reprisals:

A word regarding security, not only security for the state as a whole, but security for every citizen. And I do not mean security against criminals from within, but against enemies who are conducting a guerrilla war against us. If the UN, if the United States and the State Department, have no means and ability to put an end to the murders committed by enemies crossing our borders, and I am afraid they do not have any, for once I asked for advice in this matter, then it must be clear to the world: our blood would be unclaimed, and there is no other way but a determined and strong reprisals, without hurting women and children, so that Jews would not be murdered by external enemies without our countering by reprisal if they are not able to cease doing this.