Thursday, July 7, 2016

45 - Oral Message from US Secretary of State J. F. Dulles to PM M. Sharett, February 16, 1955

      Some time has passed since, upon Ambassador Eban’s telling me of your concern over Israel's sense of isolation and insecurity, I asked him inform you of my sympathetic awareness of that problem and my determination to give it my careful study. I am sending you this message so that you may know that problem has had my continuing personal attention and that we are making good progress in formulating the possibilities of appropriate and effective steps which the United States might take. I need not emphasize to you the many questions which arise in the course of such an analysis and study and discussions which are required. In view of the constitutional requirements involved in a foreign policy dealing with long term American security commitments and the attention which must be given to the interests of all countries, which, if we are to have success, would be involved, any solution to this problem is, of necessity, a time consuming process.
      Nor need I stress, I am sure, how essential it is that the approach to this problem take place in a period of relative calm. The policy of moderation which you have been pursuing has been, and will continue to be, most helpful to us. Progress in the present discussions of a Unified Jordan Valley Plan w   ill also be of great importance.
      You may rest assured that I will communicate with you on more concrete and detailed basis just as soon as progress on problem permits."

SOURCE: FRUS 1955-1957, XIV, doc.22. Herzog forwarded this text to Israel’s Washington Embassy, addressed to “Eban, Shiloah strictly personal” with the introductory remarks: “Following full text of Secretary message to Prime Minister (Lawson's instructions convey orally but at Prime Minister's request and on my undertaking contents would be treated top secret dictated me verbatim full text. He further insisted that fact message be kept secret)”.  DFPI 10, doc.77.