Thursday, July 14, 2016

50 - D. Ben-Gurion to M. Sharett, April 17, 1955

                                                                                    Jerusalem, 17.4.55

Dear Moshe,

            Unfortunately, and despite the fact that they are supported by my “Haggada,” I cannot concur with your conclusions. I do not reject the fact that the UN resolved that “the Jewish State will be established,” but I stand unswervingly behind my opinion that the State was not established on the strength of that phrase, and that it would have been established without it.

            I will not profess to convince you, but would like to correct an error in your interpretation of my opinion.

            In the story of pre-state Israel, one cannot, of course, disregard the Bevin episode and the referral of the problem of Eretz-Israel to the UN and the General Assembly resolution, but the State was established out of necessity and our internal necessity once Great Britain was not able to continue, or did not desire to uphold the Mandate in its letter and spirit.



NOTE: Ben-Gurion was replying to Sharett's letter (not found) of April 13