Saturday, August 13, 2016

114 - Additional Notes regarding the Meeting between PM Ben-Gurion, FM Sharett and the UN Secretary-General, April 19, 1956

The ISA has preserved in its files (ISA FM 130.02/2448/3) an envelope containing 8 handwritten notes, in Hebrew with some English, most likely passed among three Israeli participants (Ben-Gurion, Sharett, Rafael) at this meeting. The notes read as follows:

(1) Unreal! [italicized words English in original] In a talk at BG’s home he claimed that it would be totally impossible to convince them on the issue of free passage without any movement on our part on the matter of refugees. Now this condition has disappeared.

(2) Yesterday I told him: Nasser is interested to keep the pot boiling and I explained to him why it was necessary for him. His reply was: I am sure that you are wrong. They think the same about you, and they are also wrong. [next 6 words in different pen:] There is only one test: performance.

(3) We didn’t consult about the question of the Jordan waters, but I don’t know whether it would not be worthwhile for us to clarify the issue with him – so that whatever happens we’ll [?not] be attacked by Burns, the SG & the SC during its development.

(4) Mention that recently [indecipherable] fedayin are operating.

(5) [Ivan] White [of the US Embassy] has invited himself to my place for lunch today. Can I inform him of the course of our talks with the SG? [Reply in different handwriting:] Yes. In the course of an attack on their stance in Washington on freedom of navigation.

(6) He has absolutely no clue what an Arab is. He spoke to me about Rifai as he would speak to Pineau about me.

(7) With [Abe] Harman I’m looking after briefing the press. Our line is to create the impression of cooperation with the SG, to emphasize that he’s making progress, and to gloss over any conflicts. Do you agree? [Reply in different handwriting:] Yes, but it’s also necessary to make it clear that we’re standing up for our rights and we’re not having such an easy time.

(8) Jaffa Gate & other places in the country.