Wednesday, August 3, 2016

63A - D. Ben-Gurion to M. Sharett, October 28, 1955


In view of the present situation I think that I cannot delay the establishing of the government one day longer.
            I’m not sure whether you will be able to return here before next Tuesday. On this day I intend to present the government. One day earlier – at least – I must assemble the appointees to a final conversation regarding our presenting ourselves in the Knesset. The weighty matter is your absence. Originally I had wanted to ask you to come back for at least one day, if it was necessary for you to stay on in Geneva. But I believe that instead of troubling you and causing you to lose two days (which may be important), it is better to send you a messenger.
            Please inform the messenger of your assessment of the situation after your meetings, investigations and impressions.
            1. Is there an assured chance that we would receive arms, and from whom[?]
            2. Is there a danger of their continuing to send arms to Egypt, Syria and other Arab states - and to which of them[?]
            3. What is the powers’ attitude towards Nasser: the attitude of France and the USA, the attitude of England and the Soviet Union.
            I attach a draft of my speech and I ask for your comments on the political part, beginning with the bottom of page 11 until the end. If you have comments on the rest – please [send them too].
            I am afraid that the situation here is worsening. And I don’t see it possible for me to present a government – at least without your participation from afar.
            Be strong and of good courage.

SOURCE: DFPI 10, doc.440. The original (very poorly) handwritten letter is in ISA FM 130.02/2446/11.