Thursday, August 4, 2016

96 - D. Ben-Gurion to M. Sharett, February 22, 1956

                                                                        Jerusalem, 22 February 1956
To the Foreign Minister
From the Prime Minister

            I have learned from the London Times of the high tension prevailing in the Arab countries, especially in Syria, for fear of an Israeli attack in the early spring. I could not understand the meaning of this )initially I thought that this was either an Arab or a British provocation(, but it was explained to me that it was the result of tension caused by our own Foreign Ministry regarding the resumption of work on the Jordan channel.
            From one of the cables I have received [the PM routinely received copies of important cables sent to the Foreign Ministry by its various embassies] I gathered that this was discussed [by Sharett] in a meeting with the French Ambassador, but this cable reached me after my conversation with Bigart.
            I am not giving here my opinion on Foreign Ministry strategy, for I had not been consulted.
            I do not think that your written proposals would ensure coordination. They contain elements with which I do not agree and which look puzzling to me.
            If you wish, we shall try to clarify and arrange matters face-to-face.

                                                                                                D. Ben Gurion